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Tesvolt Technology Day - Introducing our New TS-I HV 80 Battery Storage System to Australia

Tesvolt Australia were pleased to welcome all those who attended our first Technology Day last week jointly organised with Unlimited Energy Australia. During the event over 30 consultants, clients and electrical installers were provided with an exclusive insight into our Tesvolt lithium battery storage systems. Participants received in depth information about the TS HV 70 system and were introduced to our innovative new battery storage system the

TS-I HV 80 available for the first time in Australia!

The TS HV 70 Battery Storage System

The TS HV 70 is not only built for efficiency, but also one of the most advanced and powerful storage systems available on the market today. Its cutting-edge prismatic lithium battery cells from Samsung SDI combined with award-winning BMS technology ensure outstanding performance.

The system is designed to last 8,000 cycles, or a 30-year lifespan, driving exceptional cost efficiency. With its continuous power of 1C, it rapidly charges and discharges, making it ideal for use in commercial applications, industry, and agriculture where on-demand energy is a must.

Introducing the TS-I HV 80 Battery Storage System

The new TS-I HV 80 was launched at this inaugural event and is now available for the first time in Australia. This is our first battery storage system with an integrated Tesvolt inverter combined with our innovative energy management system.

Participants were informed about this new system’s multi-use applications such as back-up power, self-consumption optimisation, peak shaving, consumer and generator control, on- and off-grid use – making the TS-I HV 80 not only the ideal electricity storage solution for virtually every scenario but also features power quality technology designed to interact more seamlessly with your local utility grid when needed.

The Tesvolt Difference

Both the TS HV 70 and new TS-I HV 80 boast all the benefits that you have come to expect from Tesvolt battery storage systems:

  • Rapid discharge (1C)

  • High efficiency and low standby losses

  • Flexibility to upgrade, extend or exchange

  • High cycle stability and long lifespan of up to 30 years

  • Smart battery management

  • Innovative technologies including the Active Battery Optimizer

  • High performing Samsung SDI battery cells

The event provided participants with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Tesvolt battery storage technology, ask questions and engage with Tesvolt representatives in Australia and Germany, while networking with a group of other interested attendees.

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