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Empowering Education: TESVOLT Energy System Powers Education Institute in Papua New Guinea

The Christian Leaders Tertiary Training College, situated in the highlands of Papua New Guinea (PNG), an hour’s drive from the provincial town of Mt Hagen, will soon realise their goal to power their campus with a renewable energy solar and battery solution supplied by Tesvolt Australia/Unlimited Energy Australia.


The power supplied by PNG Power is extremely unreliable and is not suitable to run an educational facility. Diesel powered generation is extremely expensive even when diesel is available. The College will soon have 24-hour power with the installation of the Tesvolt system of batteries and controllers.


To meet it’s energy needs the College launched its Solar Energy Project to combat its high electricity costs and unreliable power supply. Power fluctuations were damaging equipment and frequent outages required continuous use of generators (with associated diesel costs). Stage one of the Project saw the installation of 280 solar panels in 2019, with over 1000 panels now installed.


The next stage will use energy storage to make efficient use of the energy generated from the solar panels and provide the college with a stable and reliable power supply.


Tesvolt’s latest energy storage system – the TS-I HV 80 160kW/160kWh system was selected for its ability to meet the College’s energy needs. The plug and play system comes complete with:

  • Tesvolt 160kWh (20 x 8.0kWh) – 1C-HV1500 Battery Modules System

  • Integrated Tesvolt PCS Industry Inverter

  • Tesvolt Prewired Backup Control Box



The energy system provides the following benefits:

  • Load control - stabilises voltage and frequency while reducing load imbalance and reactive power.

  • Self-consumption optimisation

  • Suitable for off-grid remote application

  • Suitable for PV-Diesel-Hybrid optimisation

  • The battery storage system has an integrated Tesvolt inverter and innovative energy management system.

  • Expandable - can be retrofitted at any time using a modular principle so the college can expand the system in the future.

  • Designed for a long lifespan of 20 years.

  • One of the safest battery technologies.


Stage two installation has commenced and expected to be commissioned Q2 2024.


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