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Rocky Ridge Brewery are serious about producing planet friendly beers.

This innovative brewery is leading the way in sustainable practice. It is the first Australian brewer to be both a Certified Sustainable Operation and 100% Carbon Neutral.

Tesvolt Australia are proud to be part of the solution helping Rocky Ridge achieve their sustainability goals. Since the establishment of their brewery in Jindong Western Australia we have worked with Unlimited Energy Australia and local installer, Innovative Energy Systems to design and deliver their renewable energy system. The system is entirely off-grid consisting of a Tesvolt lithium battery storage system and a PV array providing reliable green energy day and night.

As Rocky Ridge expands its operations our renewable energy system grows with them. This is the benefit of the Tesvolt battery system being scalable, modular and highly flexible to users’ energy needs making it essentially future-proof. Since initial installation we have expanded the brewery’s renewable energy system several times, seamlessly growing the system to meet their increasing energy needs.

The most recent expansion, completed in March 2023, included installation of Tesvolt’s latest battery storage technology (160kWh) offering, the new E-series. These storage systems provide enhanced storage capacity with limited space requirements presenting the brewery with excellent value for money. More information about the E-series features can be read here

Rocky Ridge are setting the standard for sustainable operations, proving that renewable energy is reliable, economically viable and seamlessly capable of meeting their energy needs. Over the past 3 years the brewery has achieved a 30% reduction in their carbon footprint per liter of beer produced with a further commitment to transition from Carbon Neutral to Net Zero Direct Emissions by 2025.


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