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Showcasing TESVOLT Technology

The recent Tesvolt Technology Day organised by Tesvolt Australia and Unlimited Energy Australia in partnership with BayWa r.e. was a great success. The attendees were treated to a virtual induction of the new TESVOLT TS-I HV 80 energy storage system live streamed from TESVOLT HQ in Wittenberg, Germany.

The event provided attendees with a unique opportunity to gain in-depth insight into the more advanced features of this latest Tesvolt innovation followed by an informal networking session.

Key areas covered included the many benefits of the TS-I HV 80:

  • 3-phase quality power for commercial applications

  • Modular, scalable (85kW-MW scale)

  • Maximum power density with minimum footprint

  • Off-grid, back-up power, peak shaving, self-consumption, optimisation, multi-use, power quality, time of use, forecast-based battery charging, load control, generation control, ancillary services, diesel optimisation

  • Safety and highest efficiency with Active Battery Optimizer

  • Monitoring at cell level with myTESWORLD apps

  • Remote online energy management

  • Fast charge or discharge in 60 minutes (1C)

  • 100% DoD/6500 full cycles

  • 20-year expected design life

We look forward to sharing more of the market leading benefits of Tesvolt energy storage innovations at our next Technology Day.

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