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Our partner Lukas Schadegg at CRMF Solar Services have delivered a lifesaving solar and Tesvolt battery energy solution to a Health Centre in the remote area of Mougulu in Papa New Guinea.

The Health Centre's initial power supply consisted of heavy reliance on diesel generators supplemented by a 12 volt solar system. The remote location of the centre, inaccessible by road or boat, meant diesel fuel required delivery by air leading to high transportation costs. This setup provided unreliable and limited power supply inadequate to meet the centre's needs. Faced with regular power outages life saving oxygen concentrators were inoperable and refrigeration used to store vaccinations and anti-venom solutions unavailable leading to significant wastage.

The Solution

Tesvolt battery with solar power installation realising the benefits of:

  • Off-grid power system independent of generator

  • Cost savings - mitigates the cost of diesel, transportation and system maintenance

  • Reliable - 24/7 consistent power supply

  • Safety - Prismatic lithium battery technology extremely safe and durable

  • Flexibility - the modular battery system allows for effective transportation to remote locations and provides the flexibility to expand to cater for additional loads in the future

The result - a renewable energy solution that ensures vital health services are available to meet the needs of the people of Mougulu and the surrounding communities.


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