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Unlimited Energy Australia and Tesvolt battery storage manufacturer win the international "Smarter E Award 2018" in the Outstanding Projects category.

Presented in Germany the international award recognises innovative renewable energy projects with unique solutions to deliver economic benefits for the client.

Unlimited Energy Australia and Tesvolt won the award for their innovative solar and storage project in Western Australia's South West Pemberton region (330km from Perth). The project required the design of a reliable, off-grid solar renewable energy solution to power a five hectare commercial avocado farming operation which produces 90 tons of avocado annually. A solution was needed to power all of the farms operations including hydraulic pumps used for irrigation crucial during Australia's hot, dry summer months.

The farm's regional location did not have grid connection making the high cost of upgrading the network a further driver to seek a 100% renewable energy solution.

Unlimited Energy Australia designed a self-sufficient energy hub consisting of: 53kW PV installation, 160kWh Aquion Energy saltwater battery system integrated with 48kWh Tesvolt Lithium-ion battery system.

This innovative and unique combination of battery technologies enable the Tesvolt batteries to manage periods of peak load while the Aquion salt water batteries provide a constant base load supply of energy. The solutions ensures a sufficient and reliable energy flow to power the hydraulic pumps crucial to the crops irrigation.

The farm is completely self sufficient running on 100% renewable energy. The energy generated from the 300 days of sunshine per year has negated the reliance on diesel generators.

"We are honoured to receive the Intersolar Smarter E Award 2018 in the “Outstanding Projects” category. Tesvolt and Unlimited Energy Australia believe that climate-neutral agricultural production is possible, even in the Outback. People want sustainable and organically grown food and 100% off grid solutions can provide affordable farming to generations to come. The Award highlighted the importance of energy independence in remote communities and helped us to promote decentralized energy options in Australia and worldwide." George Zombori, CEO Unlimited Energy Australia


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